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Wise County Texas Marriage Records

Texas Marriage Records, Wise County
Sorted by grooms last name.

Abbott, D. L. married Lee, Mrs. K. M. on 10 Dec 1882
Abernathy, J. W. married Glass, W. E. on 14 Sep 1884
Adair, William married Riddle, M. E. on 4 Feb 1883
Adams, G. T. married Jeter, S. C. on 16 Dec 1883
Albert, James married Hooker, L. B. on 17 Aug 1884
Alexander, U. S. married Henderson, Cordie on 15 Jan 1891
Allen, C. E. married Hyland, S. E. on 6 Nov 1884
Allen, H. C. married Beazzil, Mary on 5 Apr 1883
Allison, D. E. married Pearson, Eugenia on 25 Nov 1885
Ames, Joseph married Armstrong, Nancy on 21 Dec 1882
Anderson, H. F. married Wells, Mrs. Malinda on 3 Dec 1882
Anderson, J. W. married Slate, M. B. on 22 Nov 1885
Anderson, J. W. married Wells, Winnie on 17 Dec 1890
Anderson, James D. marriedAnderson, Josephine on 23 Jul 1882
Anderson, John married Mier, Millie on 25 Mar 1891
Anderson, M. D. married Doyle, Florence on 26 Feb 1882
Andrews, T. J. married Whitley, Sallie on 12 Nov 1884
Anthony, W. G. married Long, Leathy on 23 Jul 1884
Armstrong, W. G. married Cundiff, Mattie Lee on 21 Oct 1885
Armstrong, William married Erwin, Flinder on 28 Jan 1883
Asbury, D. C. married Thorp, Sabine E. on 13 Nov 1881
Askin, S. L. married Bailey, F. A. on 9 Dec 1883
Atkinson, K. S. married Green, Docia on 22 Dec 1884
Austin, T. N. married Hobby, N. E. on 21 Nov 1883
Autry, Samuel A. married Walker, Mary Elizabeth on 28 Feb 1884
Ashby, Jesse married Lemons, S. E. on 28 May 1882
Autry, Thomas W. married Brewer, P. L. on 21 Dec 1882
Bagwell, A. J. married Howard, Mollie on 3 Jul 1882
Bailey, J. D. married Ballard, Miss Annie on 18 Dec 1883
Bailey, Robert married Sitton, S. A. on 27 Apr 1884
Bailey, W. S. married Young, Alice on 17 Feb 1883
Bain, K. E. married Hutchinson, Lovie on 2 Jul 1885
Bainbridge, W. A. married Smith, Sarah on 1 Jul 1883
Baker, F. L. married Lytle, M. A. on 1 Dec 1884
Baker, John married Lynch, Amanda on 7 Oct 1884
Baker, W. M. married Hembree, Sallie M. on 24 Dec 1885
Bales, T. K. married Hamilton, M. T. on 4 Jan 1891
Ball, Benjamin married Shortes, Sarah on 22 Dec 1881
Ball, James M. married Ball, Mrs. Bettie on 25 May 1882
Ball, W. E. married Fleming, S. A. on 16 Sep 1883
Bandy, L. R. married Lackey, Josephine on 2 Mar 1884
Banick, W. E. married Hess, Dora M. on 14 Dec 1882
Banick, W. L. married Kelsey, E. L. on 29 Nov 1883
Banick, W. P. married Allen, Mrs. P. A. on 18 Oct 1883
Banks, T. A. married Gregory, Alabama V. on 6 Mar 1884
Barker, W. T. married Warren, Ivera on 20 Oct 1884
Barnes, John B. married Boyd, Laura on 13 Jul 1884
Barnes, Richard married Heath, Emma J. on 23 Jan 1883
Barnes, W. H. married Baker, Evelyn on 25 Sep 1883
Barnett, J. J. married Hobson, Mollie on 11 May 1884
Barnett, W. M. married Denney, N. E. on 25 Aug 1883
Barrett, J. D. married Stutt, Mollie E. on 21 Sep 1883
Barto, D. P. married Rankin, Mary on 17 Jan 1883
Barton, J. P. married Reynolds, Mrs. M. E. on 1 Mar 1885
Basinger, R. M. married Hart, Joanna on 15 Oct 1884
Baskitt, I. J. married Sweeten, Nancy on 21 Feb 1883
Batdorff, William married Canada, Callie on 21 Oct 1883
Baty, J. F. married Spain, Elizabeth on 19 Nov 1885
Beauchamp, J. W. married White, Emma H. on 7 Jun 1885
Beaver, Martin married Beard, Cora on 20 Aug 1883
Belew, W. D. married Merritt, Mollie on 25 Dec 1884
Berry, J. C. married Lenard, M. A. on 30 Nov 1890
Berry, M. T. married Cherryhomes, Allie G. on 17 Dec 1884
Berry, T. H. married Leonard, M. E. on 26 Apr 1883
Bevins, Daniel married Newby, Martha J. on 7 Jun 1885
Beyette, Joseph married Crane, Eula on 9 May 1883
Bilbry, J. H. married Reeves, Jennie on 6 Feb 1891
Bingham, C. T. married Cowling, Maggie on 25 Dec 1890
Bird, James married Dugger, Mattie on 31 Dec 1885
Bishop, D. H. married Maxey, Minnie M. on 14 Jan 1886
Bishop, G. W. married Vernon, Vera on 31 May 1891
Bishop, Levi married Givens, M. C. on 30 Dec 1883
Bishop, W. A. married Vernon, Sallie on 8 Mar 1891
Black, S. J. married Fields, Laura L. on 26 Feb 1885
Blackburn, J. A. married William, Eliza on 16 Dec 1884
Blackwell, D. C. married Hogan, Mollie on 17 Dec 1884
Blagg, J. C. married Cooper, Mattie on 6 Jul 1882
Blevins, T. H. married Green, Mary on 20 Apr 1891
Blish, R. P. married Whitlock, Mrs. L. W. on 17 Aug 1884
Bloodworth, J. C. C. married Bacon, Leona on 29 Dec 1884
Boatright, W. C. married Fulinton, Willetta on 2 Oct 1883
Bobo, C. S. married Crow, Katie on 24 Sep 1885
Bobo, G. B. married Morris, Elizabeth T. on 9 Jun 1885
Bobo, S. G. married Watson, Zelou on 28 Dec 1882
Bodine, Francis married McCasland, Mary Catherine on 19 Jan 1882
Bogie, Michael married Welch, Mary F. on 23 Mar 1882
Bond, John W. married Lewis, F. G. on 13 Dec 1883
Booker, Robert married Thomas, Ada on 2 Apr 1883
Boulware, W. B. married Boles, Bettie on 21 Dec 1890
Bovers, W. L. married Shadire, Amanda on 31 Dec 1885
Bowman, Jessie married Reid, Alice on 18 Oct 1882
Bowman, S. C. married McCracken, W. E. on 7 Oct 1883
Boyd, G. W. married Rollins, Mrs. Mary on 26 Feb 1884
Boyd, Otto E. married Hobson, S. J. on 14 Dec 1882
Boyers, T. A. married Williams, M. J. on 1 Nov 1885
Bradley, J. married Shoemaker, Clara B. on 13 Nov 1884
Bradley, J. W. married Porter, Frances on 31 Dec 1882
Bradley, J. W. married Mary Starkey on 9 Mar 1891
Brandon, James married Lawson, Nannie on 22 Oct 1885
Braumun, J. B. married Burket, M. C. on 11 Nov 1883
Brawshaw, J. S. married Reid, Sallie E. on 28 Feb 1883
Brazell, G. A. married Evans, Mollie M. on 22 Oct 1882
Brazil, W. J. married Frisbie, Laura on 19 Mar 1885
Breeze, Adam A. married Brown, M. J. on 6 Jul 1884
Bridges, David A. married Adams, Jennie on 28 Oct 1881
Bridges, R. P. married Bevers, Theodocia on 26 Aug 1884
Briggs, F. M. married Straton, Ollie L. on 10 Nov 1890
Brisco, J. F. married Ratliff, Telitha V. on 12 Nov 1882
Britton, A. G. married Scruggs, Mary F. on 15 Jul 1885
Broadstreet, J. M. married Gordon, Bettie on 12 Jan 1886
Brown, William married Burns, Annie L. on 27 Dec 1885
Brock, J. G. married Ramsey, Sarah E. on 21 Dec 1881
Brock, M. J. married Wright, M. E. on 16 Aug 1882
Brooks, James S. married Holmes, Emma J. on 26 Sep 1883
Brown, D. P. married Caldwell, Margaret on 23 Dec 1884
Brown, E. T. married Tully, M. L. on 22 Jan 1882
Brown, Ed married Bird, M. J. on 9 Aug 1884
Brown, G. A. married Yeager, Mintora on 28 Dec 1882
Brown, Joseph married Ball, Miss L. C. on 27 Jul 1882
Brown, M. H. married Lyles, Mattie J. on 12 Dec 1884
Brown, Oscar E. married Hobson, Nellie on 21 Dec 1890
Brown, Richard married Tippin, Mellinda on 24 Dec 1883
Brown, S. L. married Guthrie, M. J. on 7 Feb 1882
Bryan, J. W. married Cate, Mrs. E. T. on 2 Oct 1884
Buckingham, C. S. married Mann, Mrs. Callie on 18 Mar 1891
Burch, George H. married Grantham, Matilda on 28 May 1882
Burks, J. N. married Parkmon, Mrs. Martha C. on 19 Feb 1882
Burnham, N. J. married McClure, Mary Lee on 18 May 1884
Burton, James M. married Beshens, W. D. on 7 Aug 1884
Burton, William C. married McCord, Catharine on 23 Dec 1881
Bunch, L. married Owen, M. L. on 13 Sep 1883
Burchard, C. A. married Hildebrand, Eliza on 28 Dec 1883
Burrow, W. E. married Lee, Nancy on 22 Feb 1885
Burton, J. A. married Waldrip, B. A. on 6 May 1883
Caddell, E. C. married Bowman, G. A. on 22 Apr 1883
Caldwell, G. W. married Tatum, Mrs. E. T. on 1 Dec 1884
Caldwell, J. W. married Oliver, L. B. on 2 Oct 1884
Calhoun, H. R. married Middleton, Mollie on 26 Nov 1890
Campbell, J. M. married Williams, M. V. on 1 Jan 1885
Cannon, C. W. married Robertson, Mrs. Josephine on 5 Mar 1884
Capps, John married Thompson, Dee on 25 Dec 1890
Caraway, John married Allison, Mattie on 3 Jul 1884
Cardwell, W. N. married Greer, Francis on 24 Dec 1882
Carleton, W. H. married Bass, E. M. on 9 Dec 1885
Carter, W. H. married Tate, S. A. on 14 Jan 1886
Casey, W. H. married Rennels, Mahalle on 2 Nov 1884
Casey, W. M. married Whitten, Margaret F. R. J. on 1 Dec 1884
Catelett, G. B. married Copeland, Ella on 19 Aug 1883
Cates, C. F. married Gill, Dena on 18 Jul 1883
Cates, J. M. married Dalton, E. J. on 18 Oct 1882
Cathy, T.L. married Hermon, G. A. on 12 Mar 1885
Chambers, J. P. married Smith, F. E. on 17 Jul 1882
Chandler, J. A. married Proctor, Ella on 14 Jan 1883
Chappell, W. A. married Cobb, Anna on 28 Oct 1883
Chenoweth, J. W. married Lory, Lillie on 1 Nov 1883
Chilton, S. P. married Thomas, Ola on 4 Jan 1891
Chisolm, T. B. married Cundiff, H. M. on 2 Apr 1883
Chitwood, J. T. married Tipton, Mrs. Martha on 17 Jun 1883
Christian, J. A. married Fletcher, M. E. on 4 Mar 1885
Christian, Z. T. married Stewart, Julia J. on 20 Nov 1884
Church, W. E. married Green, Lucy on 5 Nov 1885
Claborn, Terry married Wilkerson, Mrs. S. Catharine on 6 Jan 1885
Clark, J. C. married Williamson, Amanda J. 21 Dec 1884
Clayton, J. B. married Richardson, Julia on 15 May 1883
Clement, B. T. married Hampton, Mrs. Jane on 16 Apr 1882
Clifton, C. W. married Ussery, Mrs. O. J. on 3 May 1883
Cloud, T. J. married Whitten, Mary A. on 5 Jul 1883
Clover, J. M. married Russell, M. E. on 19 Nov 1882
Cobb, A. H. married Johnson, Mollie on 3 Feb 1884
Cole, H. H. married Stovall, S. A. on 29 Oct 1885
Collins, J. M. married Brown, Nannie A. on 3 Mar 1885
Combs, W. W. married Miller, Jennie on 10 Dec 1885
Combs, William married Putman, M. T. on 19 Oct 1884
Connell, James married Grantham, Narcessus on 2 Nov 1882
Cook, B. W. married Foster, Della on 26 Oct 1885
Cook, J. E. married Clark, Dora 2 Dec 1884
Cook, R. R. married Moore, Mrs. Mary A. on 30 Mar 1884
Cooper, George married Lampkins, Jane on 30 Nov 1884
Copeland, A. J. married Gregory, Mary Adaline on 2 Feb 1882
Coppenberger, C. C. married Marsh, Luella on 23 Nov 1885
Cornelison, J. W. married Lakey, F. L. on 13 Jan 1884
Counts, J. T. married Donnell, F. H. on 2 Dec 1885
Counts, S. E. married Peters, Ida J. on 17 Dec 1885
Covington, James married Autry, Belle on 28 Dec 1882
Cox, J. H. married Perkins, Susan on 22 Jan 1885
Cox, M. M. married Eden, M. J. on 25 Jan 1883
Crabb, C. J. married Adams, J. B. on 9 Nov 1884
Crabb, W. R. married Cummins, Mrs. Susan on 16 Nov 1882
Creed, R. L. married Dunn, Sallie F. on 29 Jan 1884
Crow, Claiborn married Heffner, Eliza A. on 24 Aug 1884
Crow, W. S. married Clark, Ula on 14 Oct 1883
Crowson, D. M. married Waldrum, E. A. on 28 Feb 1883
Crutchfield, Wesley married Douglass, Nance on 8 Mar 1882
Cummins, L. A. married Coldasun, Eugnia on 2 Dec 1882
Cummins, William married Crabb, Emma on 17 May 1883
Cunningham, P. A. married Curvell, M. A. on 23 Jul 1882
Cunningham, W. D. married Hunter, Mollie on 15 Mar 1883
Daniel, J. G. married Hudson, Emma S. on 22 Oct 1885
Daniels, M. V. married Mead, Mary W. on 8 Sep 1884
Davis, J. B. married Gerond, Ada on 23 Feb 1882
Davis, J. T. married Burris, M. F. on 17 Feb 1884
Davis, J. W. married Kincannon, F. W. on 4 Dec 1884
Davis, J. W. married Williams, Sudie on 29 Dec 1881
Davis, L. L. married Gerard, Elmira on 2 Nov 1884
Davis, T. W. married Robertson, M. E. on 19 Sep 1883
Davis, W. P. married Grimes, Mrs. E. L. on 3 Dec 1882
Davison, Thomas J. married Stevens, Eliza on 6 Sep 1884
Day, J. E. married McCamant, Hattie V. on 6 Oct 1884
Dennis, C. C. married Kays, Ida M. on 10 Nov 1890
Dennis, Crayton married Taylor, R. M. on 12 Mar 1882
Denny, S. D. married Durham, Mrs. Belle on 9 Sep 1884
Denwiddie, R. T. married Alexander, Delia on 28 Oct 1885
Dewebber, P. A. married McGlasson, Viola on 16 Nov 1883
Dewees, Joseph W. married Ward, Mrs. Annie E. on 29 Apr 1891
Dickson, W. T. married Haddock, Mrs. N. L. on 7 Jan 1886
Dillard, S. G. A. married Randall, W. F. on 12 Jun 1884
Doak, J. D. married Kincannon, E. T. on 10 Oct 1884
Dodds, S. J. married Gage, Mrs. S. E. on 8 Oct 1885
Donalson, T. S. married Crawford, M. F. on 26 Apr 1885
Dooley, W. C. married Nicholson, Ruth M. on 11 Dec 1881
Dowlen, Frank married Blagg, Mattie on 28 Nov 1890
Drake, W. H. married Tenwell, Mollie on 16 Dec 1885
Dugger, J. R. married Hill, Annie on 17 Dec 1885
Dunn, J. A. married Hancock, Ann on 30 Mar 1885
Durham, Geo. W. married Potter, Mrs. Emma on 19 Jul 1885
Dyer, W. E. married Hines, Martha on 29 Nov 1882

Earhart, Obie married Dunn, Susam M. on 29 Jan 1884
Earhart, S. M. married Porter, Belle on 22 Jun 1882
Earp, Hub married Husbands, Annie on 11 Jun 1885
Easey, P. H. married Summerall, Louisa on 7 Aug 1882
Easley, W. C. married Read, M. A. on 18 Aug 1883
Easley, W. G. married Nelson, M. E. on 2 Nov 1885
Eatman, T. J. married Murphy, Jennie on 26 Apr 1883
Edens, George married Murphy, S. P. on 27 May 1883
Edens, Zack married McNell, Dicy on 17 Oct 1885
Edward, J. H. married Wise, Malinda on 22 Apr 1884
Edwards, W. L. married Barksdale, Mrs. Victoria on 17 Dec 1882
Eliss, John H. married Willis, R. W. on 28 Oct 1883
Ellarby, Luther married Etter, Amanda on 1 Nov 1885
Ellerby, W. J. married Green, Jennie on 31 Dec 1885
Elliot, V. M. married Hinds, N. J. on 17 Dec 1882
Elliott, B. L. married Tibbetts, Minnie on 25 Dec 1883
Ellis, L. C. married Hines, Mrs. P. J. on 14 Jun 1883
Emory, J. T. married Brown, L. E. on 5 Jan 1882
Ensey, A. R. married Odom, Mrs. W. A. on 29 Apr 1891
Ensey, J. T. married Ensey, S. A. on 30 Nov 1883
Errick, Fred married Godfrey, Sallie on 18 Jan 1891
Erwin, Alfonso married McCarver, Susan E. on 14 Oct 1885
Erwin, J. M. married Hargins, T. J. on 14 Jan 1883
Erwin, Lewis married Sterling, Mrs. Hattie on 15 Feb 1883
Estell, J. A. married Moore, Mattie A. on 1 Jun 1882
Euick, C. married Clere, Mrs. Charlotte C. on 22 Apr 1884
Evans, A. W. married Brown, Cora on 4 Dec 1884
Evans, M. L. married McNath, Mrs. Sarah on 20 Sep 1885
Evans, T. V. married Woodward, M. S. on 8 Apr 1885
Ewin, Joseph married Ewin, Mary on 23 Jan 1884
Falk, H. A. married Smith, Mrs. Leota Ellen on 16 Mar 1891
Fanington, L. E. married Russell, Mary C. on 8 Oct 1884
Ferguson, John married Black, Atoka on 19 Sep 1884
Fields, T. B. married Standifer, Isabella on 16 Feb 1882
Finnell, J. R. married Byron, Lillian on 20 Apr 1885
Fitzgerald, Robert married Mason, Lula on 19 Nov 1885
Flake, T. J. married Dalton, Willie J. on 16 Jul 1882
Fleming, J. H. married Vanlandingham, E. G. on 5 Dec 1882
Flood, Richard married Florence, Dora on 3 Jan 1884
Flowers, J. R. married Stanley, N. L. on 13 Dec 1885
Ford, R. M. married Grant, Fanny on 13 Oct 1881
Forester, C. V. married Jones, Maggie on 12 Oct 1884
Forester, R. L. married Seddeth, Ora on 15 Jan 1891
Forgy, Moses A. married Reid, Luthella B. in 1881
Foster, J. L. married Dennis L. M. on 20 Oct 1884
Foster, J. O. married Lynn, Lillian on 11 Mar 1891
Foster, J. T. married Hill, Mattie B. on 11 Oct 1885
Foster, James A. married Turner, Mrs. Lovey on 30 Dec 1883
Foster, S. M. married Cobb, Lizzie on 28 Oct 1883
Foster, S. M. married Smith, Mrs. L. A. on 4 Nov 1884
Foster, W. H. married Dennis, Alice on 2 Apr 1885
Frazier, J. D. married Anderson, E. A. on 13 Jan 1884
Freeman, J. F. married Neel, M. E. on 28 Dec 1890
Fullingim, M. J. married Roberts, Mrs. Matilda on 10 Jan 1883
Fulton, J. J. married Fullingim, E. A. on 21 Jun 1882
Fulton, W. W. married Wyatt, Julia on 8 Nov 1883
Funk, Isaac married Lee, Mattie E. on 19 Jul 1885
Funk, J. S.married Jones, Nannie on 14 Dec 1890

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